Hyperwrite Review 2023: How Good Is It Really?


Hyperwrite was one of the first writing apps on the market and it’s still going strong. In this review, we’ll take a close look at its features and how they can benefit writers and marketers. We’ll also explore its potential drawbacks to help you decide if it’s the right tool for you.

What is Hyperwrite?

Writing is an important skill, and having access to the right tools is essential to becoming a successful writer. Hyperwrite is an advanced AI writing tool that makes writing articles easier and faster than ever before. With cutting-edge NLP and machine learning algorithms, Hyperwrite can suggest ways to improve the quality of your text, helping users generate content that rocks by taking care of tedious and repetitive tasks. It can be used for almost any type of writing task, from long form content creation to email writing, report writing, and more. With this AI-powered writing assistant at your disposal, you’ll be able to get your message across more effectively than ever – well on your way toward becoming a better writer!

Who Created Hyperwrite?

Hyperwrite has been founded by Matt Shumer and Jason Kuperberg. According to their LinkedIn profiles, Matt Shumer is a software engineer and entrepreneur, while Jason Kuperberg is a product designer and entrepreneur.

Top benefits of Hyperwrite

Hyperwrite, as an AI writing tool, offers several benefits to users, including:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity: Hyperwrite can automate the writing process, freeing up time for users to focus on other tasks.
  • Improved writing quality: The AI technology behind Hyperwrite can generate relevant, human-like text that is free from grammar and spelling errors.
  • Customization: Hyperwrite allows users to customize the writing style and tone of the generated text to match their specific needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Compared to hiring a professional writer, using Hyperwrite can be more cost-effective, especially for businesses with a high volume of writing needs.
  • Time-saving: Hyperwrite can quickly generate large amounts of text in a fraction of the time it would take a human to do the same.

These benefits make Hyperwrite one of those valuable ai tools for businesses and individuals who need an ai writing assistant to produce large amounts of writing but want to eliminate writer’s block and improve the quality of their content.

Best Features of Hyperwrite

  1. Autowrite: Autowrite is a feature that uses AI technology to generate original and engaging content based on a topic that you provide. This feature can help save so much time and effort in writing by providing you with ready-made content that you can use or modify as you see fit.
  2. Typeahead: Typeahead is a feature that provides feedback as you type, helping you find the right words and phrases to express your ideas. It suggests words and phrases based on what you’ve already written, making writing faster and easier. This ai powered writing assistant helps you to successfully beat writer’s block.
  3. Autoimage: Autoimage is a feature that uses AI technology to search for and generate images based on a description that you provide. This can help you in searching for the right images for your writing.
  4. Plagiarism Checker: This is a tool that helps users detect instances of plagiarism in written content. The tool uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing techniques to compare the text in question to a vast database of existing content on the internet.
  5. Google Chrome Extension: The Google Chrome extension allows you to use the features of Hyperwrite on many different websites without having to be on the Hyperwrite website. This makes it easier to use the tools and access the features wherever you are writing online. You could for example write something in google docs and use the extension in that document.

Templates: Hyperwrite provides a variety of custom templates that you can use to write different types of content, such as a blog post intro, LinkedIn posts, and more. This can help ensure that your writing is well-structured and formatted, and can also help to create the structure from scratch.

Hyperwrite Pricing

Here are the 3 different pricing tiers available:

Hyperwrite Pros and Cons

Hyperwrite Pros

  1. Time-saving: Hyperwrite’s AI-powered features, such as Autowrite and Typeahead, can save you time by generating paragraphs and suggesting words and phrases.
  2. Improved writing: The AI technology used in Hyperwrite can help improve the quality of your writing by suggesting grammar and style improvements, and helping you find the right words to express your ideas.
  3. Accessibility: The Google Chrome extension allows you to use Hyperwrite’s features on many different websites, making it more accessible and easier to use.
  4. Structured Writing: The templates provided by Hyperwrite can help ensure that your writing is well-structured and formatted, which can be particularly helpful for business and academic writing.

Hyperwrite Cons

  1. Dependence on AI: While the AI-powered features of Hyperwrite can be helpful, they may not always provide the best results. You may still need to edit and revise your writing, even after using the tool.
  2. Limited customization: The AI-generated content and suggested paragraphs and phrases may not always fit your specific needs and style.
  3. SEO: No integration with an SEO tool to write SEO-optimized content.

These are some of the potential pros and cons of using Hyperwrite. It’s important to consider these factors, along with your specific needs and goals, when deciding whether this writing tool is right for you.

Hyperwrite Alternatives

Here are some alternative writing tools that you might consider:

Jasper.ai: Jasper.ai is an AI-powered writing tool that offers grammar checking and feedback for improvement, along with a Google Chrome extension and as a big plus, SEO Surfer integration. I like this one a lot because you’re able to write very optimized content.

Rytr.me: Rytr.me is a writing tool that offers a wide range of features, including grammar checking, style suggestions, a thesaurus, and a text-to-speech feature. It also includes a Google Chrome extension and the ability to export your writing in various formats.

Writesonic.com: Writesonic is an AI-powered writing tool that helps you write better, faster, and more efficiently. It includes features like grammar checking, style suggestions, and a thesaurus.

Creaitor.ai: Creaitor.ai is an AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write content faster and with better quality. It provides suggestions for words, phrases, and sentences, as well as grammar and style suggestions.

These are alternative writing tools to Hyperwrite that you might consider, depending on your specific needs and goals. Each of these tools has its own unique features and benefits, so it’s important to carefully review each one before making a decision.

Hyperwrite Personal Experience:

My Experience Using Hyperwrite 

What better way to show you what Hyperwrite could do for me than to let the next paragraph be written by the app itself? So I went ahead and chose the flexible autowrite template under the productivity section:

Here is the command that I used:

Here are the results I got:

It gives you 3 results to choose from. You should always check if what was written makes sense and adheres to facts but other than that this is truly a game changer in my opinion.

Conclusion: Should You Hyperwrite 

Overall, Hyperwrite is a great tool for anyone who wants to save time and improve the quality of their writing. It offers useful features such as AI-powered Autowrite and Typeahead, an easy-to-use Google Chrome extension, and custom templates that can help you structure your writing. With its array of features and pricing tiers, Hyperwrite can provide value to both casual and professional writers. However, it is important to consider the limitations of this tool before relying on it for your writing needs. Ultimately, Hyperwrite could be a great fit for anyone who needs help with their writing but wants to retain control over the final product.

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