Novel AI Review (2023): Is This The Best AI Story Generator?

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If you’re a fan of AI, then you’ll want to check out this new ai story generator. It’s called Novel AI, and it promises to be the best ai story-generator tool around. I had a chance to try it out, and in this review, I’ll share my thoughts on whether or not it lives up to the hype.

What is Novel AI?

NovelAI is a tool that revolutionizes storytelling. It empowers individuals regardless of their writing experience to effortlessly create literature in no time.

By employing cutting edge artificial intelligence algorithms NovelAI analyzes your content. Harnesses your unique writing style and tone to generate entirely fresh text. With the help of this platform you can overcome writer’s block unlock your potential and craft captivating stories with ease.

Gone are the days of getting bogged down by technicalities. With NovelAI you can focus on unleashing your imagination and effortlessly bring forth a narrative without investing time and effort.

Who Created Novel AI?

This tool is a technology that is changing the way stories are made.

Who developed it?

The creators of this story writing software prefer to remain anonymous on their website adding a bit of mystery. However they are determined to assist storytellers by offering a creative writing platform that effortlessly generates captivating stories.

It empowers storytellers to produce content and gain insights, into what captivates readers and audiences to generate good stories. Although the origins of this story generation tool may always remain unknown we certainly appreciate its existence!

Top benefits of Novel AI?

  • Never worry about running out of ideas when it comes to writing captivating stories, in various styles. You have the flexibility to customize the stories according to your preferences allowing you to create personalized content effortlessly. The AI assistant assists you in producing top notch stories even if you don’t have writing experience. It simplifies the process of generating storylines enabling you to dive into developing a complete story from beginning to end without delays.
  • Enhance your storytelling with visuals using the AI image generator provided by NovelAI. Alongside its story generation capabilities, NovelAI empowers you to effortlessly create artwork that complements your narratives. You don’t need any skills or design knowledge; the AI image generator takes care of it all making it accessible for everyone.
  • Take advantage of their free trial option before committing to a subscription plan. This way you can. Test out NovelAIs tools and features before making a decision.
  • When you’re ready to immerse yourself in NovelAIs capabilities as an AI story writer they offer priced paid plans that grant access to all features. The affordability ensures that anyone can enjoy their services without breaking the bank.
  • By utilizing NovelAI not can you streamline your writing process. Also allocate more time, towards what truly matters in your life.

Best Features

  • Imagine bringing your characters to life using the AI image generator. This incredible tool helps you create realistic representations of your beloved characters.
  • Personalize your stories. Make them visually captivating with NovelAIs theme editor. Tailor the aesthetics to match the mood and atmosphere of your narrative.
  • With support, for synonyms you can effortlessly craft engaging descriptions for your characters and settings. Whats more the AI accommodates languages allowing you to write stories in any language you prefer.
  • No matter where you are in the world NovelAI is accessible at your fingertips. Whether you’re on vacation or a business trip you can easily access the story generator. Let creativity flow.
  • Rest assured that all of your stories are safeguarded with state of the art encryption technology ensuring privacy and security.
  • Immerse yourself in a writing style by providing the AI with writing models. This enables you to obtain stories that perfectly match your desired tone and style. You can even replicate authors styles if thats what inspires you!
  • Seamlessly continue working on masterpieces by importing them into NovelAI. Don’t let those creative ideas go to waste – let the AI assist, in bringing them to fruition.
  • Get ready to enhance your storytelling! By clicking a button you can effortlessly generate an assortment of plot points. Whether you’re looking to craft exciting narratives or add layers to your existing stories this tool has got you covered. So let your imagination run wild and explore the possibilities that await!


  • Free Trial: The free version gives you almost every feature available except for the art generation which is available with the lowest paid tier. The free version is not limited on a time base but rather by the number of text generations you do.
  • Tablet Plan ($10/month): Here you’ll get all the features with unlimited text generation but with fewer tokens of memory. This means that the AI will remember fewer words of your already written story to use for its story generation.
  • Scroll Plan ($15/month): This will give you the best bang for your buck with all features being unlocked, the highest amount of memory, and a good amount of credits for image generation.
  • Opus Plan ($25/month): The only advantage here is that you get 10x the amount of image generation credits.

Novel AI Pros and Cons

Let’s have a deeper look at the Pros and Cons of this phenomenal AI software.

Product Pros

  • Free Trial
  • Paid plans are cheap
  • Very quick and easy to get started
  • A lot of useful AI configuration settings

Product Cons

  • Free Trial Is Used Up Fast

Novel AI Alternatives

Jasper AI

Jasper serves as a tool, for writers elevating their writing styles and their storytelling abilities. It utilizes cutting edge machine learning technology enabling it to learn from its users and continuously enhance its capabilities.


Rytr stands out as a story generator fueled by the power of intelligence. Drawing insights from a repository of over 500,000 stories it offers users captivating ideas. With each interaction Rytr learns and evolves becoming more skilled at crafting compelling stories with intricate plots and well developed characters.


Sudowrite proves to be an ideal companion for passionate and aspiring authors seeking an AI powered story writing tool. Its automated keyword suggestions streamline the writing process by incorporating natural language processing algorithms and machine learning techniques that allow authors to tailor their stories based on reader reactions. With its user programming language and extensive library of resources Sudowrite empowers writers to create engaging high quality narratives that instantly captivate readers.

AI Dungeon

AI Dungeon emerges as a groundbreaking platform, for storytelling enthusiasts offering possibilities to create unique stories and experiences. Within this realm players can delve into story options construct characters customize settings and adventures and even collaborate with fellow players.

AI Dungeon is a tool that utilizes an AI engine to assist in the creation of fresh ideas and content enabling users to craft captivating stories, in real time without any limitations.


Powered by AI technology ShortlyAI serves as a writing companion that aids in unleashing potential and overcoming writers block. This smart tool generates plotlines, characters and settings based on the users preferences. Additionally it facilitates collaboration between writers by allowing them to share their work seek feedback brainstorm ideas and refine their stories. The application harnesses natural language processing capabilities to produce content that evokes human emotion.


Empowering users with its cutting edge neural network technology ClosersCopy is a writing assistant designed to generate top notch content. By leveraging user input this app creates captivating stories, articles and essays while offering options such as genre selection desired length and preferred style. Moreover ClosersCopy provides users with comprehensive story outlines that can be shared with others for feedback and collaborative story generation efforts.


Designed specifically for fiction authors seeking inspiration for their work in progress projects StoryLab employs AI driven assistance to craft engaging story ideas along, with outlines and character profiles.

The purpose of this app is to assist writers in simplifying the process of good stories by offering them story ideas and outlines. By utilizing a network the application has the ability to generate stories based on user input thereby enabling the swift and effortless creation of original plots. With StoryLab authors are empowered to develop characters and construct storylines. Furthermore the app provides feedback loops which allow users to continuously refine their stories throughout the writing process.

My Personal Experience

My Experience Using It

So what will happen when you start the free trial, is that you’ll get the option to start writing with an empty canvas or you can insert your current story, so you can improve upon that story and continue writing.

You can also choose to start with their tutorial story, which will give you a run through all the options you have to configure it and will give you a little pre-written story that you can try the software on.

Now what is interesting, is that you don’t even have to write anything to let the AI start writing a story. If you don’t give it anything, it will just improvise and write a random story.

Another tip to make the most of your free trial is to increase the output length to the maximum for each text generation to 400 characters. Because if you let it set to default, the AI will only output 160 characters each time you click on the send button.

Final Thoughts: Is it Worth Buying?

NovelAI proves to be a resource, for writers and storytellers seeking to enhance their writing abilities or generate ideas and content. Even the free trial version offers an array of features and ample text generation opportunities allowing you to assess whether this tool aligns with your needs. The paid options are reasonably. Provide access to perks such as expanded memory tokens and increased image generation credits. If you’re in search of AI software that can assist you in crafting stories or articles NovelAI is certainly a contender worth considering. Its user friendly interface allows for customization of the AIs content output yielding results that’re undeniably valuable, in terms of both money and time investment in my opinion.

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